Kāos hip-hop dance workshop is 3 days and 11+ hours of living and breathing hip-hop dance. Our lineup of heavy-hitters, will leave you inspired and hungry for more.

Hip-Hop Only Workshop

Develop your dance legacy at Kaos.

  • Friday night to Sunday afternoon, 11+ hours of workshop classes
  • Great for Beginners to seasoned Pros!
  • Open to individuals, studios, crews
  • Independent dancers are welcome to participate in the Kāos workshop
  • Train in fundamentals to commercial hip-hop
  • Scholarships awarded to the best studios in NY & LA
  • Nominations to the cast of Aftermath - An exclusive show in Anaheim, Summer 2021



Recommended Age: 6-10

Dance Experience: 1-4 years

  • 11+ hours of class


Recommended Age: 11-14

Dance Experience: 3-6 years

  • 11+ hours of class


Recommended Age: 15+

Dance Experience: 6+ years

  • 11+ hours of class


Recommended Age: 16+

  • Pro/Teacher is not it's own room. It is an All Access Pass to all workshop rooms + 2 additional hours of private Pro/Teacher classes


  • Access to observe all classes
  • Excluding Pro classes and all auditions


Group/Crew/Studio Discount

Bring 10+ dancers and receive a 10% off of your total workshop registration. Also, for every 10 paying workshop dancers receive 1 free Pro/Teacher pass with your registration.

Friends and Family

Join the family! Come to more than one city with Kāos and receive 10% off all additional events (except Aftermath) during the same season.


Each level (Advanced, Intermediate, Sparks) will have the opportunity to audition in front of the KĀOS faculty. At the end of each audition, the KĀOS faculty will select dancers to join the KĀOS Crew. All dancers selected as part of the KĀOS Crew will be called up on stage and recognized during The Come Up closing show on Sunday afternoon. Out of the KĀOS Crew, the faculty will also select members to join the KĀOS Cast, who are all invited to perform in Aftermath: The Show at Aftermath 2021.

KAOS Crew Members receive:

  • $100 off workshop fees at Aftermath 2021
  • One free KĀOS regional workshop scholarship

KAOS Cast Members receive:

  • Invitation to perform as a cast member in Aftermath: The Show at Aftermath 2021
  • $100 off workshop fees at Aftermath 2021
  • KĀOS Tour Scholarship
  • Five FREE classes at Playground LA

PLEASE NOTE: Dancers must audition by the workshop level they are registered for (regardless of their age). Pros/Teachers are eligible to audition in the Advanced room ONLY. Once a dancer is selected as a KĀOS Cast member, they cannot audition in any other KĀOS regional cities for the remainder of the season. KĀOS Crew members CAN continue to audition in other KĀOS regional cities to try to become a KĀOS Cast member.

MVP Scholarship

Each member of the KĀOS faculty will select one dancer each weekend as their MVP Scholarship Winner. The MVP Scholarship Winners are selected by the KĀOS faculty based on their display of passion, ability, skill, attitude, or any other quality that makes them stand out. This dancer will receive one free workshop scholarship to any regional KĀOS event before June 1, 2022. This dancer can be from any level – Sparks, Intermediate, Advanced or Pro/Teacher. Dancers can only be selected as an MVP Scholarship Winner once per season.

Sample Schedule


5:00pmEarly Check-In
7:00-8:00pmBonus Classes all levels
8:00-9:00pmBonus Pro/Teacher Class
9:00-10:00pmBonus Pro/Teacher Class


8:30-9:00amThe Get-Down Opening Show
12:00-12:45pmLunch Break
5:00-9:00pmTakeover Competition & Freestyle Battle


11:00am-12:00pmLunch Break
2:30-3:30pmThe Come-Up (Closing Show, Awards Presentation and Special Performances)