TAKEOVER is a platform for our attendees, faculty and assistants to bring their personal flavor to KĀOS. TAKEOVER will consist of performances by the faculty and assistants, freestyle battles and a hip-hop only competition.


  • Solo, Duo/Trio & Group Hip-Hop Dance Competition
  • Head-to-head, all ages, Freestyle Battle
  • Win awards & scholarships
  • Free admission and giveaways

2023-2024 Divisions, Fees and Time Limits

Divisions (# of dancers)Time LimitEarly FeeRegular Fee
Solo (1)2:45$125$150
Duo/Trio (2-3)2:45$75$85
Small Group (4-9)3:00$55$65
Large Group (10-15)3:00$55$65
Line (16-24)4:00$55$65
Production (25+)5:00$55$65
Freestyle Battle $35$45
Admission FREEFREE
  • Please see your city page for early registration deadline.
  • Must be registered for workshop to participate in the Competition or Freestyle battle.
  • Fees are non-refundable, no exceptions.
  • Additional time (up to 3 additional minutes) can be purchased for $5 per dancer, per additional minute, for Groups, Lines and Productions only.
  • Group routines with 4+ dancers are allowed to “age up” only to the next age division.
  • Independent dancers are welcome to participate in the KĀOS Competition & Freestyle Battle
  • Any routine with a dancer 20 years of age or older must compete in the Alpha Age division regardless of the average age of the routine.
  • The Freestyle Battle takes place Sunday during the Come-Up Closing Show.

Age Divisions

All ages are as of January 1, 2024. Each routine must compete in the age division based on the average age of all dancers in that routine. A routine cannot drop 2 levels below the oldest dancer (A group with an "Alpha" may not drop down to the "Delta" division.)






Takeover: Freestyle Battle

Dancers who enter the Freestyle Battle will go head-to-head on stage in front of an audience and a panel of judges. Contestants will battle it out to the DJ’s song of choice.

  • There is an entry fee ($35 early, $45 late) to compete in the battle.
  • Contestants will compete within their Age Divisions.
  • Battles will be decided by a panel of judges.
  • We encourage the competitive spirit of a battle, but contestants may be disqualified for toxic behavior.
  • All contestants must be registered for the Workshop.
  • Winners in each division receive:
    • $100 Cash!
    • One free item of KĀOS merchandise!

KĀOTIC Dance Of The Year

The KĀOTIC Dancer of the Year title is your chance to take it ALL. Get ready to own the spotlight because we’re out here looking for the dancer who has it all – style, vibe, energy and that undeniable IT factor. You think you got what it takes to be this seasons KĀOTIC Dancer of the Year?!

Learn More

Crew Showdown

WE LOOKIN FOR THE CREWS! Get ready to go head-to-head on the KĀOS stage for the chance to win the grand prize of $50,000!

Learn More

Takeover: Competition

Bring your hip-hop solos, duos, trios and groups to compete in TAKEOVER! All routines that compete will receive a detailed score sheet from our professional faculty members.

Judging Criteria

Overall Appearance


KĀOTIC Award291-300
High Gold273-281
High Silver255-263

All KĀOTIC Awards, Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver and Silver award winners will be eligible for 2024 AFTERMATH!

Placement Awards

In addition to the adjudicated awards, a competitive 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place award will also be given to the highest scoring Solo, Duo/Trio, Group, Line, Extended Line and Production, in each of the Echo, Delta, Bravo, and Alpha age categories.

Performing for all ages

Remember that KĀOS is an all ages event and routines must be appropriate for everyone attending. This includes movement, content and music. If the judges feel your routine is inappropriate, points may be deducted from your final score or possibly disqualified.

This is a subjective opinion, but we try our best to create a tasteful event for all attendees.

Critiques and Score Sheets

All competing routines will receive score sheets from the judges within 24 hours of the competition. They will be available to pick up from the General Info desk by 10am on the Sunday of the event.


All music must be clean and appropriate for all audience members. You must submit your music online before the event through Dance360 and bring a backup on a digital music device.


Props are allowed but must be taken on and off stage within 2 minutes combined. Props that can be dangerous, inappropriate or that may damage or mark the stage are not not permitted.

Hip-Hop Only

Hip-hop is defined by movement that uses primarily hip-hop technique and style in addition to sub-genres and variations of hip-hop. You may include other styles of dance in your routine, as long as Hip-Hop is the primary focus.

The Come-Up Closing Show

The Come-Up features faculty performances, scholarship presentations and other special performances. Don’t miss the ultimate wrap-up to an epic weekend!

Video and Photography

For the safety of our dancers and choreographers’ creative work, we do not allow photography or video recording of any kind from the audience.


Admission to TAKEOVER is free and all are welcome to watch. Bring your friends!